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    NEW MACHINE – KEN IQ3 with sidecabinet

    IQ3 with sidecabinet for Healthcare and Life Science.

    IQ3 is the smallest machine in the IQ series of intelligent washer-disinfectors. A small washer disinfector that is efficient and has a very small footprint and equipped with all the features and programs well known from IQ4, IQ5 and IQ6.

    Printer, RFID recognition, and various racks can be offered to suit the customer’s needs.
    The machines is available with a side cabinet, including storage for detergent, a drying module and condenser.

    IQ3 has a standard psysical design and is the designed to leave a small environmental, operational and financial footprint. IQ3 has with a wide range of racks and modules that would suit every need in day surgery cinics – dental facilities – wards – private clinics and so on.

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