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    KEN’s history
    A company with old traditions

    KEN HYGIENE SYSTEMS A/S was established in 1941 by Kaj E. Nielsen

    KEN HYGIENE SYSTEMS is one of the world’s most innovative manufacturers of professional solutions for disinfection, and have clients in hospitals, laboratories, restaurants and the pharmaceutical industry worldwide.


    KEN HYGIENE SYSTEMS A/S was established in 1941 by Kaj E. Nielsen. KEN started producing potato peeler machines, mainly to bigger farms on Funen.

    In 1948, the first KEN dishwasher was introduced amied at restaurateurs and public institutions. The first machine designed for the hospital sector was ready for sale in 1974. In 1980, KEN introduced a dedicated machine for washing bedpans. Afterwards, KEN has expanded their business area to selling disinfecting washing machines to laboratories.

    The service business was established in 1960 to support sales of KEN’s catering machines in Denmark and ensure a close relationship with users of the machines.





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    The story of KEN: 1941-2016, “A complaint is a gift”.

    The KEN fundings are primarily donated to humanitarian aids and charity

    Manufacturer Kaj E. Nielsen and Gudrun E. Nielsen Foundation – colloquially KEN Foundation – is an independent foundation that was created in 1983. The foundation took over the majority stake in KEN A / S in 1986. Chairman is Mr. Mogens K. Nielsen. KEN foundation’s objective is primarily to ensure the future of KEN A / S, partly as a financial foundation and partly by ensuring an appropriate Board of Directors of the subsidiary. Besides this, KEN Foundation a non-profit charitable foundation, which over the years has supported many charitable projects both at home and abroad, but especially in the local community.

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