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    Advanced Hygiene Technology

    The mission of the new KEN IQ series is to provide our customers and users with the ultimate intelligent hygiene solution.
    Emphasis has been placed on the increasing demands for environment flexibility, efficiency, cost-effectiveness and documentation.
    The IQ series is therefore environmentally  – tally optimised and brings the future of washing, disinfection and drying to a new level.

    Intelligent Quality the future of effective disinfection

    Only the best results

    All of our products are designed and produced to live up to even the strictest rules and regulations, but should you have any doubts or questions we
    are always more than happy to guide you in the
    right direction when it comes to correct water treatment. We strive to make sure that every
    result is perfection.


    To meet the needs of all our clients we not only produce the machines, we also have a wide range of racks and modules to fit whatever you need for your lab equipment. But should you not find the rack you are looking for we are always ready to help you find it or see what we can do to have one made. If you have any doubts please feel free to inquire.


    Join a Network of Ken distributors over 148 contries Find our partners, who have been carefully selected and trained in our products, both when it comes to correct choice of product and servicing.