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    The KEN IQ4 belongs to the new generation of Washers from KEN HYGIENE SYSTEMS for the LIFE SCIENCE industry. It is specially designed for use in laboratories to wash different equipment. The Glassware Washer is the latest addition to the IQ4 Glassware Washers features.

    This Glassware Washer is designed with a manual door with pull-out shelves in one or two levels. Although it is possible to use the IQ4 Glassware Washer with just one shelf, utilizing two shelves is typically the optimal choice.

    This innovative system enables users to effortlessly pull out the shelves for loading and unloading on the top and bottom shelf with just one simple movement, enhancing convenience and workflow efficiency.

    With the Flexi Shelf System, it is possible to equip the machine with the appropriate accessories for any laboratory wash load. In fact, the Flexi Shelf System can be designed to provide full chamber height in the front of the chamber, while two levels of spikes are located in the back of the chamber.

    There are two height positions available for placing the middle shelf.

    Additionally, the IQ4 Glassware Washer with a single rack is also available.


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    Technical data

    External dimensionsH: 1790 x W: 600 x D: 700 mm
    Operative volume / dimensions, wash chamber
    H: 550 x W: 540 x D: 610 mm
    Weight excl. / incl. packaging234 / 266 kg
    Operative volume, wash chamber181 L
    Total volume, wash chamber226 L
    Capacity, baskets4 x 2 DIN-baskets, 480 x 250 x 50mm
    Cycle time 50-60 min
    Exhaust connectionsø60 1,4 m³/min.
    Water connections2 x 3/4” (3rd is optional)
    Cold waterPressure 200-800 kPa, ≥ 15L/min, temp. 5-30˚, hardness 0-30˚ dH
    Hot waterPressure 200-800 kPa, ≥ 15L/min, temp. 30-70˚, hardness 0-3˚ dH
    Demi vand / RO waterPressure 200-800kPa, ≥ 15L/min, temp. 5-70°, conductivity 3-200 μS/cm
    Sound pressure level:
    <56,6 dB (A)
    <52,6 dB (A)
    Water consumption per phaseApprox. 12-15 L.
    Power supply options, electrical heated
    Power supply options, steam heated
    3×200-480V AC + N + PE, 50/60 Hz 7 -13 kW
    3×200-480V AC + N + PE, 50/60 Hz 2 kW
    Programs available8 standard + 32 optional
    Drainø50mm, minimum flow requirements: 115 L/min




    • Low energy, chemical and water consumption
    • Low noise level
    • Manual door with pull-out shelves in one or two levels
    • Ergonomic loading height of 750 mm for easy and safe handling, even with the heaviest loads
    • Service access from the front
    • Smooth surface in tempered glass that is easy to clean
    • Easy to operate by touch panel and all relevant information is shown on the display
    • Open programs structure
    • Full process validation
    • The machine comes with 40 programmable programs
    • All data from the IQ4 are fully exchangeable with common computer systems
    • Remote service access