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    IQ5M Washer Disinfector

    Proven performance, reliability and space-saving design for CSSDs. With its small footprint and the shortest cycle times, IQ5 is a superior washer disinfector for CSSDs. The IQ series is compatible with the traceability software systems used in CSSDs and makes batch logging an easy, automated and secure task. Side by side installation and compact efficiency reduces the space needed and increases productivity in a smaller space. Thanks to the user-friendly, intuitive and graphics screens staff are able to monitor the progress of the washing cycles thus ensuring optimal use of resources. The IQ series even allows robotic loading and unloading, hereby reducing heavy lifting and improves the working environment inside the CSSD. These features facilitate the management and planning of daily activities.


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    KEN HYGIENE SYSTEMS has developed a new range of washer disinfectors that will facilitate the usage, liability and service of washer disinfectors for the LIFE SCIENCE and PHARMA industry. The IQ series is a modular built range that meets all relevant standards such as ISO 15883, UL to name a few.

    • Very low water consumption
    • Fast process times
    • Side by side installation

    • Low energy costs
    • Low noise level
    • Low chemical usage

    Hygiene safety
    • EN 62366 tested
    • EN ISO 15883-1-2-5
    • Glass surfaces easy to clean

    Validation of all processes
    • Open programs structure
    • Full process validation
    • Exchange of data
    • Remote service access

    KEN IQ5

    Outer dimensionsH: 1985 x W: 662 x D: 711mm
    Operative chamber dimensionsH: 690 x W: 550 x D: 625mm
    Weight excl. / incl. packaging236/316kg
    Operative volume, wash chamber236 L
    Total volume, wash chamber285 L
    Capacity DIN-baskets 480x250x50mm12 pcs
    Cycle time, standard35-45 min.
    Exhaust connectionø100 mm, 250 m3 per hour
    Water connection2 x 3/4, the 3rd is optional
    Cold water200-800pKa, ≥15L/min, 5-30˚, 0-30˚ dH
    Hot water200-800kPa, ≥15L/min, 5-70˚, 0-3˚ dH
    Demi vand/RO water200-800kPa, ≥15L/min, 5-70˚ optional
    Noise level< 60.0 dB (A)
    Water consumption per phaseApprox. 12-15 L (standard 4 level rack)
    Power supply opitons3x200V + N + PE 50 Hz 13 kW
    Connected loadMax 10kW, 16A
    Programs10 standard + 30 optional

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