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    IQ6L Utensil Washer

    The KEN IQ6L belongs to the new generation of Washer Disinfectors made by KEN HYGIENE SYSTEMS.

    This machine is specially designed for use in GMP areas, and the design is based on our standard IQ series. It fulfils the standards and guidelines used in the Life Science and Pharma industries.

    As with all of our machines, we keep our eye towards functionality, hygiene and the environment. In addition, the compact footprint allows you to locate our machines in the most limited spaces.

    Its high capacity, flexibility and speed guarantees the execution of optimal, reliable and safe processes with the lowest environmental impact.


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    Technical data

    FDA 21 CFR part 11Compliant
    Chemical disinfectionPossible
    Two-door modelYes
    Interlock door systemYes
    Integrated active dryingYes
    Customer specific designRacks
    Outer dimensions
    Effective washing chamber
    H: 1998 x W: 900 x D: 932 mm
    H: 690 x W: 705 x D: 850 mm
    Effective washing chamber volume
    Total washing chamber volume
    413 L
    497 L
    Water connectionsISO clamp ø25
    Cold waterPressure 200-800 kPa, ≥ 15 l/min, temp. 5-30°C, hardness 0-30° dH
    Hot waterPressure 200-800 kPa, ≥ 15 l/min, temp. 30-70°C, hardness 0-3° dH
    Demineralised / RO waterPressure 200-800 kPa, ≥ 15 l/min, temp. 5-70°C, conductivity 0.1-200 μS/cm
    Sound pressure level, washing<56.5 dB(A)
    Sound pressure level, drying<60.5 dB(A)
    Power supply options3×200-480V ± N + PE, 50/60Hz, 14-26 kW
    Drainø50mm, minimum flow requirements: 115 L/min



    Our KEN IQ6L model combines innovation, technology and ergonomics with the reliability, functionality and performance characteristics of our KEN equipment, thereby being able to wash and disinfect utensils and process equipment in customized racks in one or more levels. The racks will be designed in accordance with cGMP and designed for the specific equipment.

    The machine has two automatic vertical sliding downwards doors. This double door model ensures an effective barrier between the unlean side and the clean side, optimizing the required level of hygiene and reducing the risk of contamination as well as keeping a safe work environment for the staff. The IQ6L is equipped with a Bioseal that ensures the sealing of the zones.

    The IQ6L is designed, manufactured and documented according to global standards to facilitate Customer compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practuces (cGMP). The various equipment is manufactured in accordance with CFR21, part 11.

    Main advantages:

    • Compact unit with external dimensions: 1985 x 980 x 936 mm.
    • High capacity for cleaning, disinfection and drying of various glassware, utensils etc.
    • High reprocessing capacity.
    • Washing chamber manufactured in AISI 316L quality stainless steel.
    • The IQ6L include double LED lights inside the chamber.
    • The external covering is mainly made of tempered glass to ensure that the surface is hygienic and easy to clean.
    • The control panel is made in elegant black polycarbonate for the protection of the integrated 7¨high-resolution easy to clean touch screen.
    • Upper access door to the control and maintenance unit is made in elegant white tempered glass integrated in a AISI 304 stainless steel frame.
    • Has two automatic vertical sliding downwards doors.
    • Manufactured in double tempered glass with HST treatment (Heat-Soak-Test).
    • The pass-through version incorporates a Bioseal and a door locking system that prevents simultaneous opening of both doors.
    • Ergonomic loading height of 750 mm for easy and safe handling, even with the heaviest loads.
    • Remote service access.
    • Low noise level <56.5 dB(A) and <60.5 dB(A) when drying.
    • Full process validation.