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    KEN BWD 736

    High-capacity machine with stylish design

    Bedpan washer disinfector with large capacity for hospitals, private hospitals and nursing homes.KEN BWD 733 has been specially developed for hospitals, nursing homes and private clinics where there is a need for washing bedpans, urine bottles, kidney bowls and others. The machine is also suitable for intensive care wards with a versatile need for washing and disinfecting various utensils. The focus of this machine is on quality, flexibility and user-friendly advantages.


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    KEN BWD 736


    Power connection (standard)3 x 400 V, N, J, 50Hz
    Connected load/initial fuse6kW/10A alternatively 9kW/16A
    Water connectionCold water: 1 pcs., ¾” RG, 5-30 gr.C, 0-30 gr.dH
    Water connectionHot soft water: 1 pcs., ¾” RG, 30-70 gr.C, 0-3 gr.dH
    Water pressure200-800 kPa
    OutletØ 110 mm P/S, wall or floor (to be specified)
    Water consumption, Urine bottle programme,2 wash phases, 16 l
    Water consumption, Urine bottle programme,3 wash phases, 24 l
    Water consumption, Extra-wash programme,5 wash phases, 40 l
    Soap pumpStandard
    Built-in detergent compartmentRoom forl 2 pcs. 5 l containers
    Pump capacity130 l/min.
    Measurements wash chamber H x W x D500 x 485 x 370 mm.
    Noise levelapprox. 50 dBa (sound pressure)
    Sealing classStandard: IP 21 (not scavenger-proof)

    High-capacity machine with stylish design. Unique design and small space requirement


    • Computerized control ensures a constant, uniform washing and disinfection quality
    • Possibility of up to 5 programs and pre-programming for the start of most frequently used programs
    • Remaining process duration showed in display
    • Program info, fault reporting and other information shown in the display in plain language
    • Supplied with automatic or manual door operation
    • Built-in steam condenser minimizes steam emissions and allows materials to be handled immediately after the wash
    • With its high edges, the door can be used for emptying slops
    • The bedpan is emptied automatically when the door is closed
    • Possibility for SPRI-basket, 450 x 340 x 70 mm.
    • Possibility for storing detergents in the bottom technical compartment