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    KEN AL10

    AL10 is a robotic system that handles the transport of racks between washing machines, stoage tables and the return hatch in a CSSD. The AL10 relieves the staff of manual transportation of the heavy goods so they can focus on the important work of cleaning and packing instruments.

    Furthermore, the robot ensures efficient operation as it offers co ntinious operation 24/7/365, thus ensuring constant loading and unloading of washers in 24-hour operation. Also, by replacing manual trolleys with this automated solution, the working environment and the noise level within the CSSD is significantly reduced.

    Through RFID technology, the AL10 robot selects a vacant machine and the washing program is automatically selected by RFID registration.

    One robot can service up to 8 instrument washers.


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    KEN AL10

    Outer dimensions minH: 790 x W: 823 x D: 1017 mm
    Outer dimensions maxH: 1050 x W: 823 x D: 1017 mm
    Weight107 kg
    Capacity1 x IQ6 rack or 1 x IQ5 rack
    Control interfaceSamsung tablet (service tablet)
    Sealing classIP20
    Power supply options
    Power supply on this unit
    100-240V 1 ~ +PE, 50/60 Hz
    See marketing label on machine
    Li-NMC 40 Ah
    Transport-20°C-70°C ≤ 80% RH. Handle with care
    Storage-20°C-70°C ≤ 80% RH. Keep in packaging until installation
    Operating environmentAmbient temperature and humidity: 5°C – 40°C, ≤ 80% relative humidity for
    temperatures up to 31°C decreasing linearly to 50% at 40°C

    KEN AL10 will carry your trolleys from the packing tables to the washer disinfectors as an optimal logistic solution.

    SMALL FOOTPRINT This solution with no fixed rails or structures will save expensive square meters. The RFID tags on the trolleys will tell the KEN AL10 exactly which washer disinfectors is suitable and free to wash the load on the trolley.

    ERGONOMIC In order to improve the working environment this intelligent solution boasts an ergonomic feature that automatically compensates for height adjustments between table and machine. Loading and unloading of trolleys are fully automatic and releases staff to perform other tasks.

    INTELLIGENT PRIORITY KEN AL10 will detect the washer-disinfector that is free for use, and it can prioritize between urgent and normal washing loads. KEN AL10 will take orders as they arrive, but in case of an emergency, the CSSD staff will be able to reprogram by the simple use of a tablet, smartphone or PC.

    SAFE TRANSPORTATION With a scanner and a 3D camera KEN AL10 will safely navigate through the CSSD and prevent collisions with staff and other items.

    PARKING When the work impact is low the KEN AL10 will bring back empty trolleys from the return hatch to the working tables or storage area. CAPACITY KEN AL10 can operate from 1-8 machines.